I've faced somekind of a bug, i think. It's surly documented but i will ask here anyway.

I have a normal AO, nothing special, just association to a "install-user".
Its like a installation-chain of needed applications, like JAVA, adobe flash player, microsoft office etc.
In total i have 20 different AOs.

Flash player for an example, I'd made one "installation-AO" and a "patch-AO".
the installation-AO contains the msi-package, and the patch-AO distribute a file under the windows directory to disable autoupdates. Anyhow i want the installation-AO to get installed BEFORE the patch-AO.

I've never seen this before, but when i run the installation-chain-AO with the application dependencies, it takes ALL of the containing application in a total random order. ******ed up?
Is this behaviour normal?

I'd also checked "Continue distributions immediately" on all the AOs within this dependency chain.

Any help would be appreciated!