As we are planning to go forward with using Zen 10 to remove administrator rights a number of changes need to be made in our environments. One is stopping users from launching executable from the internet. Some of which are actually launched through the Intranet which is part of the Trusted Zone however we have yet to test if they well be prevented from executing or not, even though they will need to be.

After thinking about this a thought came to me: Is there a way to launch a Bundle via a hyperlink? That is to say if they put on a note on the Intranet saying: "Click here to install the new application" and when clicked, instead of showing the normal web browser download prompt it would instead point to something like "ZCM://Bundles/BobUpgrade".

The reason for this post is because I tried to find out if this already existed, but could not find it. So this first is a question of "Does this idea already exist?" and if not I'll submit it as an enhancement request.

I also think this would be useful even in e-mails. Instead of instructing users to go to a certain area we could just say "Click here to install".