We are ready to start migrating our NW 6.5 sp7 and 8 servers to OES2 L.
I am thinking of starting with a server that users don't depend on for printing and data.
I want to migrate our server that 1.holds the master replica of the root partition 2. is our reference timesync server 3. is the solo DA in SLP 4. and holds our legacy print queues. These print queues are services by NDPS print agents. The NDPS db and services are on another server to be migrated later.
I am not really concerned with the print queues. There are only 20-30 and I could recreate them on another server volume if I had to. But the other three
I am wondering about.
Should I move the master replica to another server?
Should I add another DA?
Should I have another server act as a reference time server?

I'm going to try this project in a test environment but wanted to see if anyone can offer any good advice. Thanks!