We are running GW 6.5.6 on a NW 6.5.5 server. I have WebAccess, as included
with this version of GroupWise, running on a separate NW 6.5.5 server.

We are going to be upgrading our GW to 8.0, but it looks to me like GW 8.0
only includes GW Mobile. It looks like GW WebAccess is bundled with GW
Messenger as a separate product.

We are not heavy users of WebAccess, but I do have a handful of users that
would be upset if it went away. We have never used GW Messenger even though
it was a free download for GW 6.5.

Two questions:

1. Am I correct in thinking it is separate now and will increase my upgrade
costs by about 30%?

2. Can I upgrade to GW 8.0 and continue to access the PO with our old
WebAccess 6.5, provided it stays on a separate server?

Thanks in advance