I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this question, but I'm
to ask it here anyway since bringing down the filters makes things

We have recently upgraded our Groupwise server to a new box. We were

running it with 2 nic cards. One Public, one Private.

We wanted to put the server behind Bordermanager using just one card
a private IP.

We had read that you could add a second IP address to BM by using the
SECONDARY IPADDRESS command, use Dynamic and Static Nat, and add a Nat

table entry to point the secondary public address to the private ip of
Groupwise server.

I added filters with the hope it would make this work. Made the

(Ip addresses have been changed to protect the innocent)

BM Secondary Public IP (MX record for E-mail Domain Name) -
Groupwise Private IP -

Source-Int Destination-Int Protocol Source IP Dest IP---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Any Public SMTP ANY
Any Public SMTP-resp ANY
Public ANY 1677-TCP ANY
Any Public 1677-TCP ANY

This, did not work. We have systems outside on dialups that use the groupwise client, hence the 1677 TCP

If I bring down the filters, everything works.

Anyone have any changes to the above that would make this work without

having to bring the filters down?

Do I need to add any filters for the Groupwise Private IP? If so,
what ones? I tried adding some, but I'm going cross-eyed.... lol

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. We would really like
avoid Mail proxy and adding a second NIC to the new server.

Thanks in advance.

Randy C. Cleveland