I am working with the ZCM 10.3 Beta release in a test environment. The
system is installed on a SLES 11 stand-alone server. I need to be able to
export data from the Sybase embedded database to an external application.
Nowhere in the setup/installation was I asked about a user or password for
the database.

After some hairpulling, gnashing of teeth, and Google searching, I
determined (I think) that the default username for the database is
"zenadmin" and that the database name is "zenworks_<my primary zone name>",
but I have been unable to find out where the default password is set and
what it is. The "superuser" password for the Administrator user does not
seem to work. Is there some sort of default password that is used? If so,
what is it, and, if not, where does it come from. I did manage to find the
dbaccounts.properties file in /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/datamodel folder,
but, of course the password in there is obfuscated/encrypted. There is also
apparently a Catalog name which also starts with "zenworks_" and may be the
same as the database name, but I don't find any information on that either.

And before someone suggests that I open a ticket with Novell Support, we are
under the ALA contract and do not have any support tickets to burn.

Thanks for any feedback.


Dennis R. Crowther, CNE, NAI
Manager, FSM Network Support
University of New Mexico