OK, so you guys are real chicken to tackle my posted problem of 11/9.

Well frankly, I don't blame you. I am just learning this stuff from =ground-zero and am not intelligent enough to know if I've even posted
an itelligent question.

After reading thru the first part of Craig's docs (excellently
written, I must add), I thought I would give things a try. Well, about the only
thing I did learn is that I haven't yet learned enough. So, I'm back at the
docs before jumping back in again.

So now for my real reason for daring to show my (embarrassed) face
back here again (read on McDuff):

My BM svr has 2 NICs, of course, one public & one private.
In FILTCFG, under -> Configure Interface Options, I notice that the =private card is listed twice:
....PRIV1, Status=Private
....PRIV2, Status=Private
I guess once for 802.3 & once for E-II. My question here is, is this
correct for my setup? I don't think so Why?

FILTCFG -> Packet Forwarding Filters -> Filters: I have the following
3 entries...
....PRIV2, Packet Type=Any, Destn=All Interfaces (I added this =manually)
....All Interfaces, Packet Type=Any, Destn=PublicNIC
....PublicNIC, Packet Type=Any, Destn=All Interfaces
My question here is, do I need the PRIV2 filter? I tried to delete it,
but when I restart the server, it reappears in FILTCFG. I had added it manually when I was shooting in the dark trying to understand things
and getting them to work. So it was not there originally.

I think that once I get these interfaces/Filters straightened out the
rest will be easy. (Yeah, right!)

Thanks for the assist.

BTW: Should I retract my 11/9 post???