Not sure why this is giving me so much problem. I can't be the first and only one that has this configuration. 2 servers, 1 is a web server only and we have installed nrm and imanager and ifolder on this server. The other server has edir installed. We want to auth to this server using edir ldap from the web services on the web server; this works most of the time. The problem appears when we upgrade OES or edir or anything that requires config of edir/ldap to the edir server. Example:
upgrade to OES2 SP2 on the web server. Things are fine until the OES config from yast. Unable to bind to edir through ldap. In the ldap server section of OES config, there are the 2 ip addresses, 1 of the web server and the other from the edir server. We take out the web server address from this config/section and leave only the edir server ip. Make sure all the other sections have the edir server ip and upon "waiting for edir to come up" unable to bind to edir through ldap error. When we leave both ip's in the ldap config section everything works but we don't want to use the web server for edir auth. Surely there are others that have systems configured in such a manner? If so, please shed some light on this. If this is not clear, i will be happy to "webex" with someone to see exactly what is happening.