We are running Microsoft Windows Vista and wants to update zcm adaptive agent from ZCM 10.2.0 to 10.2.1 and see annoying issues.

First of all, when i go til one of the failing computers, it is not easy to uninstall the zcm agent (a quick will be helpfull).

1. In most cases some of the agent is updated, bot not fully. When i see agent details not all modules are updated to 10.2.1.

2. When then same computer is manually installed with the zcm agent everything works fine in most cases.

3. Some of the computers cycle zcm agent installation at few % i java section and start over and over again.

All the computers we wants til update has the same image to start with and installed with different types of programs. The computers generel update level can be a bit different.

What is the most importent update to get at succesful update?

Have anyone some ideas or a solution for a succesfull update?

Best regard Hasser