Hi Everyone,

At work over here we have around 20-30 people and just windows are installed on every computer. So there isnt much protection on the computers. Everyone can access anyones computer and files and emails. I have seen novell in action before in many places i have been and worked. I would like to implement novell in our workplace but dont know which product i would need and where to start from. The things i would look for in the product first of all is username and passwords so it would limit you to the files that they can access from a main computer/server. Also it would limit you to the email depending on who logs on as anyone can read anyones email at the moment. Also later on during time I would like to implement for each user what they are trained to do which will allow them only to the things they are trained for. Also i want to secure the computers so files cant be taken out or copied to external drives.

Thanks for looking