For all NOWS SBE 2.0 - 2.3 users, please verify whether you are using the 32 or 64 bit versions prior to downloading SP2 patches and updating to SBE 2.5.

The NOWS SBE 64 bit 2.5 version is still NOT available at this writing. The NOWS SBE available online currently is for the 32 bit (i386) version. Novell is working on the 64 bit update to 2.5, along with other improvements over the 64 bit 2.0 - 2.3 packages.

For those of us that have already installed 64 bit, I would also encourage all to file continual service requests should you make the mistake of using the automatic package update to SP2, if you don't know how to isolate the different packages. If you aren't diligent, you will need to re-install the server completely to fix an SP2 update that does not work for 64 bit.

NOWS SBE 64 bit prior to 2.5 can be broken if you update from SP1 to SP2 before Novell gets the 64bit 2.5 version available.

I did write to the tech group concerning the install program not contacting the kernel correctly, the documentation differences, NDS & Groupwise/Messenger install and operational issues, and over a dozen other technical issues all stemming from the web (java) install program being so functionally isolated from the SLES kernel. For instance, should you install the DHCP and the DNS via SBE, DO NOT install nor manage the SLES/YAST versions, that is NOT in the docs. If either doesn't work, uninstall the SBE version and use the SLES/YAST version until you get either a service request answered or the correct 2.5 update becomes available.

They have responded and advised me to post all the suggestions to the forum along with the NOWS engineering group to advise some workarounds and cautions that we have found during our many NOWS server installs... and subsequent re-installs (very embarassing when on-site!!!)

Anyway, should anyone have any feedback towards improving the SBE install program, and I'm hoping there are a lot of you, please use this forum and continue to send notes to Novell about how NOWS SBE is. Maybe, they will return to the Beta testing phase prior to releasing products and updates, as they used to.

Also, FYI, I am one of the older Netware and Unix techs from the 80's that still uses and supports NSBS and Unix... and yes, the MS stuff, too.

Jerry B