My BorderManager 3.7 VPN keeps getting messed up because the filters
seem to get messed up.

I'll get a "Reinitializing Filters...." message followed by

NWDSGetSyntaxID returned with error 35324

The message keeps appearing on the console until the FILTSRV NLM is =unloaded, then they stop.

The first time that this happened, I figured the filters were corrupt
so I blew them away and re-created them via TID 10080403. That was a few
weeks ago.

Today, it started again and I again tried to restore the default
BorderManager 3.7 filters.

Now when I re-boot the server, the filters disappear from FILTCFG and
the NWDSGetSyntaxID returned with error 35324 message starts again.

Does anyone know what is happening?

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Does anyone know if NBM 3.8 doesn't do this *^#(*)??

Thanks in advance.