Hi All,

We are looking at rolling out MS Windows Installer 4.5 (KB942288-v3) into our environment, but have noticed that after the installation of Windows Installer 4.5 'some' MSI NALs will fail to install unless there is a reboot following the install of Windows Install 4.5. The weird thing is that even though the NAL fails I can install the application directly from the MSI? So it doesnt appear that the install of Windows Installer 4.5 requires a reboot to install MSI's, it just requires a reboot to install some NAL's that run MSI's.

The NAL fails with error 'Problem: Install Failed. MSI returned error code: 1601'
The MSI log file states 'Windows Installer proxy information not correctly registered'

I've googled the MSI log error but the fix for this requires a reboot which I already know fixes the problem. But I'd really like it if I could fix this as we all know users dont like forced reboots and if we force a reboot we have to notify the users prior to.

A few things I have tried is:

- Workstation associated and user associated NAL/MSIs installs after installing windows installer 4.5.

- Stop the windows install service before install of the new windows installer 4.5 and restarting it after install before installing a NAL/MSI.

- Restarting the Novell Application Launcher service after install of windows isntaller 4.5 and installing a NAL/MSI.

- Installing windows installer 4.5 under an admin and normal user.

- Installing windows installer 4.5 by a NAL and directly by clicking on the KB942288-v3.exe.

- Installing windows installer 4.5 using 'pre-install'.

Any ideas?