The Problem
We are facing a strange problem with one of our users when he tries to save files to the network drives.

The user is using 2 PCs for different tasks. One of those PCs is a Dell Inspiron Workstation with 12 GB RAM running MS Windows Vista 64bit Business used to work on heavy AutoCAD files. The other PC is a Dell Optiplex 755 computer with 4 GB RAM and running MS Windows XP PRO SP3 used for everything else. Both OS are licensed copies and updated daily through our WSUS.

I installed and configured Novell Client SP1 for Windows Vista on the workstation while the other PC has Novell Client 4.90 SP2 installed and configured.

Both I and the user are able to login through the Novell clients on both computers. Both of us can access our files on the network drives and that's where the strange stuff begins.

I can open and save any file of my files on the network drives from the Vista machine with no problem, while he faces the following odd behavior

1. From his XP machine, no problems. He can open, save,..... any document or file stored on the network drives with no problem.

2. From his Vista machine, lots of problems. He can only open the files, but saving them is another story.
a. When he tries to save a MS Word 2003 file, he gets a pop-up screen telling him that "user doesn't have enough permission", refuses to save the files and offers him the option to "Save As"
b. When he tries to save a MS Excel 2003 file, the file will be saved but corrupted and with a new size exactly 33294 KB.

I tried yesterday the following
1. Removed the Novell client from the workstation.
2. Installed and configured Novell Client 2 for Windows Vista-2008

But that didn't solve the problem.

Also we have both NMAS and File Caching turned OFF.

Has anyone faced this problem before? any help would be appreciated.