iīm in trouble :-)
A customers storage crashed this night. The storage is RAID 5 about 4 Disk.
3 DATA and 1 Hotspare. One of the disks went offline and the hotspare tried to asume but died also :-( After we check the system, we took the first disk online again. Now the array is online and seems to be working.

Then we powered on our first NW6SP5 Cluster node and he startet normaly. He also joined the cluster.

But when he tried to activied the DATA_POOL a error occurred:
"Error reading pooldata block 4420614, status=24840. Run verify and if necessary, run rebuild"

So far, so good.
When it start a pool verify the follwing message appears on the screen:
"coulīd not load system beasts"

What the hell are system Beasts!? :-) I cant find any information about it in the novell docu.

Mybe someone can tell me, what is going wrong during the pool activation.
Is there a devil inside ?? ;-)

With regards