Hi All,

I need your help urgently as i am planning weekend server hw upgrade. Currently i am running server migration using Migration Wizard - CoolSolutionsWiki

However, i can not understand why i am stuck on step 3: i perform the following:
1.backup NDS on the source server
2. the source server is downed
3. the NDS backup file is updated and restored on the destination server (copy the source server sys:\system\$hwnds.bak, sys:\system\$swnds.bak and sys:\system\nuw30).
4. down the source server
5. Remove eDirectory from destination server (at this stage the server hungup as the result rebooted)
6. Destination server rebooted and come up with the correct host name but failed opening local database. Error message reads:

Directory service, database is closed error - 723 (as the result of this i can not able to login to the destination server to proceed step 4 using existing project file.

Any help appreciated.

Please, please i need your help.


However, the new destination server comes with correct host name but failed to