(posted that one week ago, thread lost or not posted correctly by my

NW 6.0.3 + BM3.6EE + SP2a + tcp607jrev2.exe

At a customer's site I have to arrange a allow rule above of
a deny rule blocking any *.WAV files from beenig accessed.

I have tried tens of combinations to allow these "lexicon


is one of these wanted WAVs.

Clicking on the speaker icon works, if the deny rule (*://*/*.wav) is
deactivated it works fine, also if that rule is duplacated and teh
first in order is changed from deny to allow.

IMHO the link of that WAV seems to be:


so I expected that a allow rule (prior the deny rule) should do:

<allow> http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/*.wav*

Also using the WAV download link below ("2. Click here to ...") fails

What do I miss?

Thanks, Rudi.