Appreciate any thoughts on this:

Running BM 3.7 sp2 and field patch 3e. I have added the terminal
filter exception. Works fine, can connect and work... but after a fewminutes the connection will hang. Packet logs show we stop receiving
anything from the Terminal Server. This is not a problem when
connecting to
it from another source outside the system.

Filter info:
source : private nic
all circuits, any address
destination: public nic
all circuits, any address
packet protocol: tcp
source ports 1024-65535
dest port 3389
stateful filtering enabled
ack bit filtering disabled

tcp.nlm 5.93o
tcpip.nlm 5.93j
ipflt.nlm 4.60c
ipflt31.nlm 5.31b

Server is 5.1 sp6.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.