Hi there.

Our GW infrastructure is about to have a major re-jig.

From 40 POs in 4 domains (GW 7.0.3 on Netware 6.5 servers) we're moving to
only 3 or 4 POs with a domain each (plus domains for gateways) on OES2.0
linux servers.

If I create the new domains and POs in the same GW system, is it possible to
upgrade the new components and then move the users over to the new POs in
order to upgrade them?

I'd imagine it would be a case of making one of the new domains the primary
and upgrading it. Then upgrade the remaining new domains and upgrading the
new POs. Create new GW8 WebAccess and GWIA gateways and associating them
with the new GW8 POs. Then all we have to do is move the users, resources,
distribution lists, etc over to the new POs for them to be upgraded?