Have a strange problem...
Upgraded GW703 to GW801.
Mostly functions works fine.

Some users use Outlook 2003 sp3 and IMAP againt GWIA to read mail.
When forwarding mail from gw8 webaccess to another account in gw8, and
reading it with Outlook, the message first appears with the forwarded
mail as an attachment (as it always have), but when clicking on it,
the attachment dissapears.
When looking at it in GW Win32-client, or the reciptiants WebAcc, the
attached mail is there, but not in Outlook. Checked it with an older
Outlook (2003 not sp3) and then it is there aswell.
This is of course an Outlook problem, Outllook somehow probably think
this is an insecure attachment, BUT... The problem just occures when
forwarding from GW8 WebAccess. If forwarding from a GW7 system, or
from Exchange or other system, or even from the same GW8-system, but
from the Win32-client, everything works fine.

What differs the way GW8 WA forwards messages compared to the other?
Any ideas?