Hello all,

somebody know what are the ports NFS 3.0 use ?

I am trying to share a NFS volume from a cluster server on a netware
6.5. When I have tried to mount NFS volume from a linux server I have

had several errors mounting it. All errors was from my BM server

I have open source ports in this kind of try/error check:
111 TCP from linux -> NFS
1234 UDP from NFS -> linux
111 UDP from NFS -> linux

Now I am seeing another DISCARD outgoing from NFS -> linux from the
port 2049.

I have found TIDS: 10080608 and 10087907 with the cluster services
primary ip problem and so on.. but I have read on nw 6.5
documentation that NFS ports are static (I think it isn't true at

What ports use NFS 3.0 on NW 6.5 ? Somebody can help me ?