Hi All,

I have been noticing our OES servers consistently locking up. The only thing that indicates there is a issue is that there are a lot of cron and ps running when I do a ps -A. I can kill all the cron and ps jobs but it usually requires a reboot to restore the server to normal. Along with this on some servers I am seeing multiple rcnovell-tomcat running and shutting down tomcat via rcnovell-tomcat5 stop seems to hang, which causes the server to hang on reboot.

I have some servers with this problem running SEP Sesam client and Sophos AV but others that are showing similar issues do not have anything installed but OES and SLES.

I am running OES2 sp1b and SLES10.2, they are all fully patched.

Any ideas here? I also checked crontab -e and nothing shows up in there..