We're preparing to move all of our users from NDPS to iPrint, and I need some help creating a custom printer installation page for our end users.

Currently we're using the default web pages that show all installed printers on each Manager, and we have multiple Managers. We typically have one Manager for each WAN site, but some of the smaller sites don't have local Managers and instead use a Manager from a nearby site. Also, some of the printers shouldn't be displayed to all users.

Management has asked if we can create a standardized page that presents all users with a list of locations. When they select a location they're presented with a list of departments, then when they select a department they're presented with a list of printers. Management also wants us to limit the printers that are displayed, specifically to hide those "special" printers.

I've looked at the example pages that were installed with iPrint, but my web design skills aren't that good. I'm hoping somebody can either provide or point me to some examples similar to what we're trying to accomplish. I'm thinking the printer lists would have to be created manually vs. automatically, especially since the locations don't match up 100% with the iPrint Managers. I'm also thinking we could make a special hidden page for those "special" printers.

Any suggestions or advice?