We recently upgraded to GW 8 we are on Netware 6.5 and GW8 SP1 on the server.

These are all the issuse we have been dealing with for the last couple of weeks and there not getting any better.

1. Users are experiancing a lot of slowness
2. GW crashes when opening attachment
3. Mailbox's not refreshing they have to click on another folder and back to the mailbox to get new mail.
5. Not being able to use the delete key when trying to type an email
6. The Tab key not working
7. Not able to copy and paste
8. Clicking on the archive goes to there calender
9. When opening email it minimizes.
10. Some users have had the client reinstalled more than three times seems to correct the issue for a day and then goes back

We have ran GWChecks on every user that is haveing problems. We also go and reinstall the client every time.

We need some answers cause we have some users that are not happy at all and they are not able to do there jobs.