Hi all,

At home, I'm running three OES2 test servers. On one of those servers I installed ConsoleOne 1.3.6.h, GroupWise 8.0.1 and ZDM7 a couple of weeks ago. Everything worked fine. Today I updated this server to OES2 SP2 and SLES10 SP3. After the update I installed ZDM7 SP1 IR4a. No problem at all. But after starting ConsoleOne on this server, a lot of objectst changed to questionmarks, b.e. all of the ZEN objects. It looks or all the plugins / snapins are missing. The question is, did I something wrong, and if so, Is it possible to copy the plugins to somewhere on the server so I can edit my ZEN objects again, or if that's not possibe, is there any way to uninstall ZEN and start over again?

Thanks for any replies on this subject.