Last night in the middle of doing dishes, we suddenly had no hot water! We
have a tankless water heater, that should give me limitless hot water -
so my husband and I went down to the basement to try to figure it out. We
poked around, turned it off (at the thermostat), etc. Nothing. So, my
husband got out the volt meter to see if there was power to the wall socket.
It seemed fine. Plugged it back in. I asked my husband to go turn on the
hot water in the bathroom next door so I could hear what did/didn't happen
when the heater was supposed to work. It worked!

So, I think unplugging it from the wall reset some circuitry. I need to
have it's "preventative maintenance" done, so maybe they will find something
wrong. Or maybe after almost 3 years of use it was just ready for a reboot

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