Zenworks 7.0.1

On VMWare ESX 3.5.0 110268

I am tring to update one of our virtual servers to Support Pack 8.

But file operation performance on the server is dreadful, it's been going for nearly 2 hrs and only unpacked about 1/3 of the support pack. The copy to the system took ages too.

I can't see anything obviously wrong, Our other virtual server with Groupwise unpacked the file in a fairly normal amount of time.

I tried to start the upgrade last night as well ( although I think all the files had not completed the copy that time ) and the system hung at 11% of the backup stage for so long that I decided it was probably never going to finish.

the only difference I can think of between the two servers is that one has Groupwise and the one with the issue has Zenworks 7.x

I know the usual 1st port of call is to Support pack the machine. But obviously this is a Chicken Vs Egg situation...

Any ideas