i implement my first new OES2SP2 System.

First install from SLES10SP3 and OES2SP2 Addon (no Services) went fine.
System is registered in NCC, have Updatechannel subscribed and looks fine.

Now i would in a second Step install some OES2 Services like eDirectory/NCP Server/iManager.

But i got Problems when i start Yast->Open Enterprise Server ->OES: Installation und Konfiguration

1) Error Message (translate from German):
No Connect to Installsource

But i don't know why.
Looks like TID 5062640, but this is for OES2 SP1.

rug shows me every Update channels are subscripte

lc01:~ # rug ca

Sub'd? | Name | Service

Yes | Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP2 2.0.2-0 | Novell Open Enterprise Se
rver 2 SP2 2.0.2-0
Yes | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP3 | SUSE Linux Enterprise Ser
ver 10 SP3
Yes | SLES10-SP3-Updates | https://nu.novell.com

Yes | SLES10-SP3-Pool | https://nu.novell.com

| SLES10-SP3-Online | https://nu.novell.com

| SLE10-SP3-Debuginfo-Updates | https://nu.novell.com

| SLE10-SP3-Debuginfo-Pool | https://nu.novell.com

| SLE10-SP3-Debuginfo-Online | https://nu.novell.com

Yes | OES2-SP1-Updates | https://nu.novell.com

Yes | OES2-SP1-Pool | https://nu.novell.com

Yes | OES2-SP2-Updates | https://nu.novell.com

Yes | OES2-SP2-Pool | https://nu.novell.com

| OES2-SP2-Online | https://nu.novell.com

I can skip this Messages and go on.
Now i can select some OES2 Services like eDirectory/NCP Server/iManager, they where be installed and thats it.

No Konfiguration Screen ore such Things.
I restartet the Server and run Yast->Open Enterprise Server ->OES: Installation und Konfiguration a second Time.
But there are no Konfiguration Screen or Summary.

So whats going on?
Any Idea?
Should i configure OES2SP2 Services manually at console Level?