We're getting ready to move all of our users from one container to sub-containers for organization. However, in testing this, moving a user causes them to be unable to login to messenger anymore.
Groupwise Messenger returns the "Please enter a valud user ID and password." error.
The Messanging Agent on the server logs "2A3 SPL Login Failed [0xB103]: ssmutz - Requested userid not found in directory."

I've tried moving the user with ConsoleOne and iManager and I get the same result. I also already installed the messenger snap-ins in ConsoleOne as instructed here.

It appears to me that the entry in messenger isn't updating the user's location and thinks it's still in the old container. I can't find anything in the ConsoleOne snap-ins that will let me update this association. Yet, they do still acknowledge that the user has a messenger account and even lets me view the user's contact list.

Normal Groupwise (email) works fine.

If I move the user back to the original container, it works fine again.

We are using Novell Messenger Messaging Agent 2.0.2 on our server and Groupwise Messenger 2.0.4 on our clients.