I had a user who "lost" an important folder from her cabinet. It turned out that she had moved it to another location without realizing she had done it. That's when I ran into the limitations of the search options in the Windows client. I'm hoping that someone has a better process than what I ended up using to find the misplaced folder.

After looking through the Help facility and searching this Forum I discovered the Search Folder. I was able to create one and determine that the folder still existed by searching for the sender's email domain. The search folder told me that the messages were still there and that the folder was still there but didn't specify where in the cabinet the folder was located. I had to expand every sub-folder and look until I found it. She had hundreds of folders to look through and, of course, the folder in question was almost at the bottom of the tree.

Please tell me that there is a better way (and what that better way is)..