Hey All,
Need some help with ZDM7 PXE preboot services.

Currently running a netware 6.5 server in VLAN1
PXE client sitting in VLAN2.
DHCP Server is running on VLAN3
IPHelper is running
DTS.ini, PDHCP.ini and TFTP.ini are unmodified.

I have had networks put an IPHelper in place and my client successfully picks up an IP address. The screen displays the "BOOT SERVER IP" correctly and the clients IP details are correct.
I watch the top of the screen where the Timeout counts down and eventually gives this error.
"Error: The server did not respond as requested in time
ZENworks shutting down...
Press any key to continue..."

This happens on every machine i have tested. If i hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys, then the imaging menu appears, i can select maintenance and the client will pull down the initrd, etc.. fine.

if i disable the IPHelper, move the client to the same VLAN as the server, then the whole process works perfectly.
not sure where to go from here.
help please ;)