Our ZCM imaging server currently has 1 NIC on our primary network, and we have PXE multicast imaging working fine on this network.

This server has the proxy DHCP service running on it, DHCP is housed on another seperate server, and our Nortel switches are configured with an IP helper/forwarded to allow all this to work.

We are now in the process of expanding our ZCM setup into one of our subsidiary companies, and the easiest solution to allow this is to add a 2nd NIC to this server to allow multicast on this second network.

The documentation is a bit confusing about how we should set this up, so I am looking for some guidance.

We've tried to modify the file Novell\Zenworks\Conf\Preboot\novell-proxydhcp.conf, and the line that talks about LocalInterface to point to the primary server IP address of the 1st NIC, but after stopping and restarting the services, this breaks imaging on the working side of the network.

Is there an alternative to this approach? I'd like to try and avoid using satellite server(s) as there are about 400 machines on this second network to be supported.

I know I could out another server on this other network, but we'd also like to avoid this if possible? we already have 4 virtual servers in place so these should be sufficient for bundle delivery / asset inventory etc, its just trying to get imaging working on this second network...

Anyone got any ideas?