I can't get to my GroupWise Webaccess page.

I am running GroupWise 6.0 Webaccess on an internal Novell SBS 6.0 Sp2

server behind a Novell SBS 6.0 Sp2 / Border Manager 3.6 Sp2 server.
servers are setup like the following:

Border Manager 3.6 server: Public IP = 66.xxx.xxx.252
Private IP = 192.xxx.xxx.16

Internal GroupWise Webaccess: IP = 192.xxx.xxx.22/servlet/webacc

I thought I setup the Filter exception right according to your book,
but I
must have something screwed up. The filter exceptions look like this:
Source Int = Public
Dest. Int = Private

Packet = http Protocol:tcp Src Ports 1024-65535 Dest Ports:80-81Ack bit: Disabled Stateful: Disabled

Src Addr: Any
Dest type: Host Dest Ip Address: 192.xxx.xxx.22
Log disabled

Then basically the opposite for response except with ack: enabled

Any Ideas why I can't get to the page?