I am having a problem updating pattern version files from the
My config is as follows:
Win2k server manages the download and distribution of virus pattern
(Trend Micro) updates internally to workstations and other servers. We

coonect to the net via Boeder manager V3.6.
The problem is that when I configure Win2K server to auto connect and

download I get a failure (Generic HTTP failure) repoted with Anti
download manager. I think the problem lies with Bordermanager proxy
authentication, i believe this is the cas because if I attempt to
manually download pattern updates I get the same error But if I first

authenticate to the internet via BM Login then download pattern
all works well.
I have tried setting exceptions using Filtcfg with no success. Some
some where must have come across this problem before please help. I
think it matters as to the brand of anti virus product we are using
all now do auto updates.

Thanks in advance