I have installed OES2 SP2 with DSfW. It appears to work very well.

Don't make the same mistake as me and deselect the NCP server component
during the install as this breaks it - though I kind of imagine you
shouldn't need NCP server for DSfW? Also the documentation instructs you
to do some post-installation validation checks - some of those checks
will not work until you have performed the provisioning steps and that is
not made clear in the documentation. But aside from that it is really

I have it set up in a brand new tree just for DSfW. The first server in
the new tree was an OES2 SP2 server to run Identity Manager 3.61 - this
is in order to sync accounts from the production GroupWise, OES and
ZENworks tree. There is a sub OU where the DSfW server is installed in a
name-mapped setup (partitioned off of course) where all the accounts are
synchronised into. This way the new tree can support Active Directory
dependent applications using a synchronised set of users and the
production tree didn't need to be disrupted - e.g. change the whole
partitioning scheme, risk core dumps, move OU's and so on.

I was advised by Novell to host the Novell DNS server on the DSfW server
so that's what I did. Our corporate DNS is plain old BIND on SLES and we
just added an entry to forward all queries for our DSfW domain to the
Novell DNS server.

Seems to work really nice so far.