i'm trying to setup a remote unix printer from a unix box in a secure

network protected by a BM37 server which works fine by the way..
The jetadmin software requires to make a simple ping on the network
interface of the remote printer and it fails
Check all the filters, NAT, etc.. everything looks fine. Traceroute
answers normally. Created a specific exception from the Unix box to
printer with icmp and icmp-st (in case of..)
Finally activating a debug on ICMP and pinging from my unix box to my

remote printer, i've discovered a very strange trace :

Source myprivateaddress(unix box)
Destination mypublicaddress (remote printer)
From Interface Private to Public

-> Discard ICMP packet because :

Source : Interface Public
Destination : Interface Public
Source Address : ! (reverse
Destination : An old nated public ip address from my public range

Of course i've a filter to prevent ICMP packets coming from the
outside on
the public interface.. But the answer doesn't match at all with the

I don't remember to have made any strange tests or operations on this

machine and i've no idea where it comes from. But the result is that i

cannot ping

Any idea from the Gurus ?