i have a client who had archives saved on c:\mydocuments - pc was replaced/customer's archives were not copied over. His client began a new archive folder on c:\mydocuments on new pc.

We copied the old archives from old PC to new pc in c:\archives folder and pointed his client to c:\archives vs. c:\mydocuments - it asked if I wanted to move archives....to which I replied yes.

I can open archives in both folders: c:\mydocuments and c:\archives...but I cannot unarchive anything in c:\mydocuments (new folder) - i get message:
c05d - dependent store file does not exist on the disk. I can unarchive from c:\archives - the file copied over from old pc.

I have looked up this error and get numerous suggestions, should I be running a structural rebuild? any advise on this issue would be appreciated.


edwina richardson