Ok. So basically I have been testing ZenWorks ZCM 10.2.0 for the past few months and I am really getting no where with the product. I like the overall idea and concepts of ZCM, but I cannot seem to get things to work the way I want.

I didn't know where to start so I figured I would post it here under "Agent Deployment" since it began with "A". Here is the list of problems I am running into.

1) I was able to get 2 Workstations to register with the (standard network install agent). I was not able to get 1 workstation registered using a custom-deployment installer.

2) When I change the Computer name, I cannot get the object to re-register.

3) I cannot get any other workstations to register after imaging. I setup a base image with the full-agent installed. Then using SYSPREP, I "packaged" the workstation, creating new SIDS, before I created the image. I then bring the image back down to a new workstation and cannot seem to get the workstation to register to the Zone. I have tried the zenworks-registration.war fix to no avail. This process works fine with Zenworks 7, why did they have to break it!???!!?

4) I attempted to update to 10.2.1 and the update was supposedly "successful" but the properties of the Zen server still reports running ZCM

5) I am running into the same problem mentioned in other thread, http://forums.novell.com/novell-prod...in-issues.html, about the second ZenWorks Login window. For some reason this works OK on 2 of 4 installs.

6) Trying to uninstall the Zen 10 agent is horrible and as mentioned before, should not be this difficult. Why do I need to reinstall the Novell Client.

After reading all the work arounds, this really does not seem ready for deployment. ZCM is supposed to be a "Zero" effort management tool, as stated in their documents. http://www.novell.com/documentation/...loyment_bp.pdf

Any help or guidance on how to properly use Zen 10 registration, imaging, and deployment would be great. Thank you all for your time and allow me to rant.