We have contracted with an outside host to record video of our
and host it on their site. A login is required to get on the site.
Another login is required to view the video.

This works if you are outside our BM 3.6 firewall. "Works" means that
get a login prompt to view the video. The login to the website works fine. When I click on the link to get the video, Windows Media player

loads and a login prompt appears.

It doesn't work INSIDE the firewall -- I don't get the login prompt
the video. Instead, I get a "License Acquisition" window that says
"Error: Access is Denied" with Windows Media Player displaying a
message at the bottom of its window that says "Acquiring license...."
First, I tried running the filter debugs to capture dropped packets. There are no dropped packets.

Then, I ran Etherpeek to capture the traffic while outside the
both on the network and at home. In both cases, the captured traffic showed that the conversations between the PC and the hosting server
using HTTP. In other words, the start of the conversation is the PC using port 80 as the destination port. The host server happily
to port 80 and a login screen appears.

When I ran Etherpeek while inside the firewall, the captured traffic shows the start of the conversation is with the destination port 1755.

There's a response back to port 1755, but login access is denied.

We are running the HTTP Proxy Server and have Windows Media Player set

to use the browser's proxy configuration. We run Client Trust to
authenticate the proxy server.

Why would Windows Media Player use port 1755 internally, but port 80 externally?

Thanks for any help on this.