We use LDAP contextless login in our environment, and for the most part it has been rock steady. We had an issue today though where one our LDAP servers wasn't working...but just the LDAP piece. Other services on that server weren't affected, and we could communicate with it just fine. Clients trying to query for LDAP searches were given a search timeout error. We list three servers in the 'servers' field on the client settings. If we moved one of the other servers up to be first on the list they could login. If we moved the malfunction server back to the top they got the timeout again.

My question is... whats the point of multiple servers if it doesn't query the other servers if the first one times out? Does it only use the secondary servers if it can't ping the first one?

We are using Netware 6.5 SP7 w/eDir 8.8.2
Windows XP Pro workstations with 4.91 SP5 client

thanks for any suggestions.