This happened to me once already this year; that was going from ZCM 10.0.3 to 10.1.3 on SLES 10 SP2. See ZCM 10.1.3 on SLES: No Windows agent push deployment, Novell, forum, forums, support.

In that case, I had not deployed the agent to any machines in the field yet, so I was able to do a full reinstall of SLES and ZCM to cure the problem. This time, I have the agent installed on several hundred machines and cannot afford the time to do another rebuild.

So, here's the short version. I upgraded the server (SLES 10 SP2) from ZCM 10.1.3 to 10.2.0 last week successfully. Afterwards I was unable to discover any new devices, but I soon fixed that problem by upgrading the agent on the Windows proxy to 10.2. Now I can discover devices all day long and everything looks good. Specifically, I can discover devices using the WinAPI functions (with correct local account credentials) and the OS is reported correctly, either XP SP3 or Vista SP2.

When I try to deploy an agent (any adaptive agent) to the discovered devices, I always receive the error "Error: Credentials invalid. Please ensure that Classic file sharing is enabled on the target device." Yes, the credentials are valid because I used them to discover the device in the first place. Yes, I have tried both local administrator accounts and domain administrator accounts with various syntaxes with no progress made.

I have followed all of the documentation for opening firewall ports (I usually turn Windows Firewall off for troubleshooting this kind of them), enabling classic file sharing, starting the Remote Registry service, et c. I reviewed the new documentation for 10.2 regarding this and everything is exactly as stated. Yet, I still cannot push the agent out to a discovered device (either XP or Vista)!

Am I the only one who attempts to use this agent deployment feature? Does everyone else deploy the agent with Group Policy scripts in AD or something similar? Honestly, when I did our site-wide deployment this summer I had to create a set of manual scripts to run to enable the proper settings and install the agent since the built-in agent deployment was so flaky (granted, this was before the upgrade, so I was still running 10.1.3).

I do not know what else to do except continue to install the agent manually (which does work, and the workstations always register properly). Surely someone has some experience or some ideas?