I've just finished a new BM3.7 server with NW 5.1 service packed all
the way up. I've configured it with Craigs book.

I'm trying to get the Client to Site VPN portion to work. I can make
a VPN connection but when I log in I can't see a tree. I'm using XP on
my laptop. In Chapter 18 Craig talks about C-S VPN using Pure IP.

I did a TCP IP Debug.

RECEIVE:pktid:75 {Laptop Public IP w/VPN client} ->{BM Public IP}
ttl:32 (OTHER)
LOCAL:pktid:75 {Laptop Public IP w/VPN client}->{BM Public IP}ttl:32
RECEIVE:pktid:36098 {Laptop Public IP w/VPN client}->{Internal Private
IP}ttl:32 (ICMP)Echo Request
LOCAL:pktid:36098 {Laptop Public IP w/VPN client}->->{Internal Private
IP} ttl:32 (ICMP)Echo Request
TRANSMIT:pktid:8785 {BM Public IP}->{Laptop Public IP w/VPN
client}ttl:128 (OTHER)

To me it looks like my default route is set properly ( I may be
NAT on the public binding (on BM Server) is Dynamic and Static

Can you see what I missed.