Hi All,

We are planning to move the servers. Once servers are moved we need to change the ip address. we have 3 server. One has master replica and other 2 are read-write replica. We are moving one of the read-write replica server. We have to change ip of this server. All the 3 servers are File servers. nothing else is installed.

All the servers are Netware 6.5 SP 7.

Could you let me know what changes I have to make after IP change. Do I have to make any change in master replica also. Even we are moving Master server week after this move. Please let me know how to go about it. As I am doing this for the first time

I have created a document for the same.

1. Inecfg
Change the IP address and DNS entry.
Change the gate way

2. Change the enteries in host file and hostname file

3. Edit autoexec.ncf
Default route

4. Changes in Apache
Change all the ip to reflect the new ip
4 places where the ip address needs to be changed

5. No changes for ifolder and web access.

No change for LDAP
SSL certificates needs to be deleted (in our case we need to delete SSL CERTIFICATE IP as we changed only the ip. SSL CertificateDNS does not require any changes.
Once the SSL is deleted run PKIDIAG.NLM option 4 and 0

7. Set dstace=*L
Execute a repair server address from DSrepair
Dsrepair rn

8. Find the replica ring holders | Advanced options menu | Replica and partition operations | note the partitions and gointo each replica ring. Note the server names of all ring members.

9. Now repair network address for each server in the ring. dsrepair | adv. option | Servers known to this database | Enter on the server name | Repair selected server's network address | do this for each replica ring holder; for each Partition.

For eGuide you need to manually change the directories. properties and the new_data_source_dir_scheme.xml. These 2 files are listed under /SYS/tomcat/4/webapps/eGuide/WEB-INF/properties
10. No changes to SLP scope as there is no SLP scope created in Master replica for Hyderlit2
11. SLP:If you are running a SLP DA you can remove objects from the SLP Scope that reference services on the server to ensure this happens instantly.

Once this is done, execute a 'SET SLP RESET = ON' on the DA(s).
12. Server SET parameters (also accessible via MONITOR.NLM):
set SLP include, exclude addresses if you have changed them from default settings.
set NCP include, exclude addresses if you have changed them from default settings.

2ND Method

Login to the NetWare Remote Manager (NRM) by going to https://IPorDNS:8009
Select the appropriate interface if there is more than one in the list.
Once in the interface, change the IP address and then click on SAVE.
** NOTE ** You may receive an error saying that the address is in use for the Portal. What it is saying is that you are currently using this address with the NetWare Remote Manager and if you reinitialize your system you will loose your connection. Do NOT reinitialize your system yet.
Click BACK and EXIT. You will then receive this message. Just click OK, we will reset the server in a minute.
Now go back to NRM and select IP ADDRESS MANAGEMENT under the MANAGE SERVER section. You will notice that there certain services that are specifically configured for the old IP address and they now show an INVALID in red. You will need to select the application link on the left hand side and change it to the new IP address. An example is shown in the next step.
Here we will click on the ApacheAdmin section and select the new IP address from the drop down list. Click APPLY to continue.
Perform this same IP address for any application in the list that still show the old IP address. ** NOTE ** After you change the first application, the other applications may not show invalid, however the will still show the old IP address. This is because we have not yet reinitialized the system. Don?t worry about this and just change the IP address in the other sections. One this is done, go to the DOWN/RESTART section under MANAGE SERVER and click on the RESET button to perform a RESET SERVER.
Note: Once this has been completed, it would be wise to perform a Limber process on the server. Do this by entering the following commands at the console prompt:
You should see and "End connectivity check, all OK" message on the Directory Services screen.

Thanks in advance for your help.