Created a new NW5.1 SP63 BM 3.7 SP 2 server according to craig
johnsons book. Now I'm trying to set up the VPN. I've got a VPN connection
with my laptop using a public IP and Windows XP, but when I got to log in
no tree. Here is a capture of the debug with the Laptop connected to the
vpn and pinging the internal ip of the bm server.

RECEIVE:pktid:75 Laptop IP ->BM Public IP ttl:32 (OTHER)
LOCAL:pktid:75 Laptop IP -> BM Public IP ttl:32 (OTHER)
RECEIVE:pktid:36098 Laptop IP -> BM Private IP ttl:32 (ICMP)Echo
LOCAL:pktid:36098 Laptop IP ->BM Private IP ttl:32 (ICMP)Echo RequestTRANSMIT:pktid:8785 BM Public IP->Laptop IP ttl:128 (OTHER)

It looks like to me that the default route is correct (I may be wrong)
so where do I go from here.