* Environment *

Windows 2003 SP2 Release 2
Zenworks Asset Management 7.50.0043 IR18
PRU 01/07/2009
All ZAM conponents run on the same server
The ZAM SQL DB resides on a separate SQL2005 server

* Problem *

A few weeks ago, access to the ZAM Management Admin Console on the main
ZAM server stopped working. At this stage, no errors were shown, the
Admin Console just didn't load.

An attempt was made to re-install the ZAM Admin Console but this was
done using the original ZAM7.5 CD (i.e without patches). This made no
difference so we did a uninstall and then install.Since the last
install, we are not only able to get into the Admin Console but also we
get the following error:-

"TSCMgr.ex_ - Entry Point nto found".

Does anyone know of any TIds are would help us:-

1. Reinstall the Admin Console either on the server and/or on a
standlaone PC?

2. If we do a complete uninstall, is a new install possible whilst
still allowing us to keep our existing settings, reports, filters etc
as well as negating having to reconfigure all of our 3000 windows

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.