Hi all

Here is my problem

I was called in to help a small business. They had the small business
server 6.5 with netware 6.5 and gw 6.5. They have a full copy of the
original gw 6.5 directory backedup to an external drive

Another consultant came in, wiped their box (after making these copies)
and rebuilt for them a new SBE 2.5 server which is GW 8 on SLES

How can I import the emails from the old GW 6.5 into the respective mail
boxes. There is both archives of mail and the whole domain and PO
folders backed up.

I have the original peoples FIDs corresponding to the groupwise IDs

And of course when this guys built the new system their IDs are not the
same as the old ones

Any suggestions would be appreciated