Any updates within this service pack that updates Oplocks or even NSS file system? We have an on going SR with Novell regarding oplocks and a file locking issue with AutoCAD 2009---which requires us to disable the Oplocks. If we don't, (having Oplocks ON) and in time, there will be an issue of a sharing of a CAD file and oplocks...where the whole folder of where the sharing files issue occurs will LOCK up..unaccessible from Windows explorer or anything else.---Have to disable oplocks and then restart the workstations involved, and then the folder frees up.

We are finding that a few of our engineering programs of popping up where the perform MUCH faster for data access when OPLOCKs is ON...putting us in a tough spot.

We are currently running NSS under NetWare 6.5 Sp7.

Window XP workstations.