a contractor setup a new nw6sp3/bm3.7 as a firewall and http proxys

then something i saw in craig johnson's book (beginner's guide to
configuring filter exceptions) got me poking around in fltcfg, and i
noticed a couple of things that strike me as odd...

1. packet forwarding is disabled..

2. in interface options, all interfaces (3) are listed as private

in the meantime, i have been creating exceptions to allow some
telnetting and pcanywhereing via nat, which seems to be working...

but am puzzled as to:

why pf is disabled (and the list of "permitted packets" is empty as aresult?)

why would the interfaces all show up as private?

and why do the exceptions i created (thanks to cj's book) actually
seem to indicate that the telnetting and pcanywhereing will be

and am real worried that our network has it's pants down with packet
forwarding disabled?

or is it ME? cheers