I have a Netware 6.5 SP1a BorderManager 3.8 server with filters acting up.

Right now the Packet Forwarding Filters are disabled.

When they are enabled and I have an exception like:

Source Interface: Private
Destination Interface: Public
Packet Type: www-http-st
Stateful; Filtering: Enabled
Source Address: ALL
Destination Address: ALL

And run Craig Johnson's T1.NCF, everything http is blocked even though I
think that the above exception should let everything out.

A sample of the logger.txt is below but it shows the http being blocked.

************************************************** **************************
OUTBOUND packet to "Discard"

Protocol Type=(TCP) Protocol Flag=(SYN)

Source Address=( Destination Address=(

Source Port=(3685) Destination Port=(80)

Source TOS=(Dynamic) Destination TOS=(HTTP)

Source Interface=(2) Destination Interface=(3)

Source Circuit=(62836) Destination Circuit=(57413)

Source GroupID=(0) Destination GroupID=(0)

Discard filter rule from "Filters" list

Filter Protocol Type=(IP)

Source Interface Type=(Any) Destination Interface Type=(BOARD)

Source Address=(Any Address) Destination Address=(Any Address)

Source Interface Number=(0) Destination Interface Number=(3)

Source Port Range=(0-0) Destination Port Range=(0-0)

Source TOS=(Reserved) Destination TOS=(Reserved)

Source Group Name=(None) Destination Group Name=(None)

Source Group ID=(0) Destination Group ID=(0)

Source Remote System ID=(None) Destination Remote System ID=(None)

Source Circuit=(0) Destination Circuit=(0)

************************************************** **************************

Anyone have any idea why this is happening.

Thanks in advance.