I am installing all of my ZCM servers as virtual machines in VMWare. I have about 1400 workstations, 3800 students and 400 staff and use many pieces of Zenworks including workstation management, imaging, policies, application deployment, remote control, etc..
I plan to install 1 External Sybase database on a single Virutal machine, running SLES11, with one virtual core and 2GB of memory.

I then plan on installing (2) Primary servers running SLES11 64-bit OS with 4GB of memory each and each have (2) virtual cores. I'm not sure how much disk space to allocate to these machines and the best partitioning strategy. I am planning on creating an NCP mount to our current NSS Image volume. I was also thinking of creating another NCP mount to another one of our clustered NSS volumes for storing all of the other content-repo data such as bundles.

Has anyone else used ncpmount to connect to their existing NSS volumes stored on the SAN. I understand this is not a supported process, but have been told that it should work. With this in mind, I'm trying to decide if allocating 30GB of disk space to each Primary server would be enough?

Any design strategies that you can provide would be most helpful.